Escape The Music Room Allegro!!

After a long day of school you finally get to go home. So as you are waiting for your ride you suddenly remember that you forgot your violin. So you race back to the room to get it. When you’ve finally found it you turn to the door to leave and realize it's locked.The only key for the door is with your teacher named Ms. Knips.

After waiting for a little while, Ms. Knips comes back to her room to see if anybody’s locked in. Unfortunately kids always get locked in her classroom and it just so happened to be that this time it was you. Ms. Knips refuses to give you the key to discipline you because you forgot your violin. She comes up with the idea to put the key inside a box and lock it with 5 locks. She tells you that all you have to do is unlock all 5 locks and then the key is yours. Before she walks out the door she says, “Good Luck!”

It’s time to begin.

Note Reading




Music Player

How to Read Note Names

How To Count Beats

Blank Paper

Music Poster (open in Google Draw)