Course Themes & Numbers

November 5 = Content Creation (20941)

January 25 = Blended Learning (20942)

April 3* = Formative Instruction (20943)

*Principal approval required for 4/3 due to PSD Testing window.
*** Subs will be covered by Professional Development

Technology Leadership Cohort-Capacity Building Extension-Spring 2019

(6 hours, course # 20888) | Register Anytime!

This course is open to anyone interested in building the capacity of their colleagues by offering edtech learning sessions at their school. These learning sessions may take place during lunch, department meetings, team meetings, PD days or after school. Participants will work with Kevin Murray to design a series of learning experiences, plan and implement those experiences with colleagues.

CoSpaces - Creating Interactive Virtual Experiences

4/2 & 4/16/2019 | 4:15-6:15p @ ITC | Course #21364| 6 credit hours

Want an easy way to engage students and CREATE virtual reality experiences? CoSpaces is the answer. Learn how to use CoSpaces Edu to have your students create (and code) three-dimensional scenes/worlds. Recreate famous literature scenes, create biome tours or recreate historical events using CoSpaces. Learn how to use coding in CoSpaces to make your experiences come alive in virtual reality!

Connecting Students with Microsoft Teams and OneNote

4/9, 4/22 & 5/6/2019 | 4:15-6:15p @ ITC | Course #21366 | 8 credit hours

Discover how Microsoft Teams can help with the workflow of student materials similar to Google Classroom as well as engage students in digital collaboration spaces. Investigate how to use OneNote to create digital portfolios and unify all students’ digital notebooks into one location. During this course we will investigate the basic functions of OneNote and Teams online and apply that learning to our classroom setting.

Formative Instruction Using Tech Tools - Socrative & Quizlet

4/30 & 5/14/2019 | 4:15-6:15p @ ITC | Course #21368 | 6 credit hours

During this course, participants will choose a pathway to investigate tech tools that can be used for formative assessment. Participants can choose from tech tools such as Quizlet, Socrative, Pear Deck or Google Sites to investigate the variety of methods used for formative instruction. We will also be investigating strategies for formative instruction using Monica Burns’ book #FormativeTech.