Course Themes & Numbers

Sept 19 = Student Experiences (20940)

November 5 = Content Creation (20941)

January 25 = Blended Learning (20942)

April 3* = Formative Instruction (20943)

*Principal approval required for 4/3 because of PSD Testing window.
*** Subs will be covered by Professional Development

Engaging Student Voices using Flipgrid (Course # 16257)

Dates = 11/12 & 11/26 from 4-6p at the ITC, 2413 LaPorte Avenue, 6 credit hours

Flipgrid is a video discussion tool. Students can respond to teacher prompts, videos or attached activities. Students then communicate with each other, responding, tagging and liking other students' videos. Great for introducing or reviewing topics as well as evoking ALL students' voices in the classroom. During our first meeting we will learn how to use Flipgrid with students, you'll then use with students and our last meeting will be spent showcasing the uses of flipgrid and troubleshooting any issues you or students encountered.

Microsoft EDU Tech Chats: Elevate Student Outcomes (Course # 16413)

Dates = 11/14 from 9a-3p at the ITC, 2413 LaPorte Avenue, 6 credit hours | LUNCH INCLUDED

A hands-on workshop led by Microsoft and CDW facilitators exploring:

      • Applications that foster collaboration among students & staff
      • Accessibility tools for personalized learning
      • A familiar platform for students that builds enthusiasm for STEAM curriculum

Participants can expect to learn more about educational technology tools that amplify

communication and collaboration, build an inclusive classroom and spark excitement around

STEAM in education. Participants also need to register at this link.

Creating Interactive Visual Content with Thinglink (Course # 16258)

Dates = 12/3 & 12/17 from 4-6p at the ITC, 2413 LaPorte Avenue, 6 credit hours

Thinglink allows teachers and students to create interactive visual content (See image to the left for an example!). Thinglink is great for annotating images and diagrams or presenting content. Thinglink also has a virtual reality tagging abilities you can experiment with. During our first meeting we will learn the nuts and bolts of Thinglink. You will then use with students. Our last meeting will be spent showcasing the "thinglinks" used in classrooms and troubleshooting any issues you, or students, encountered.

Technology Leadership Cohort

Meeting Dates = 1/29, 2/26 and 3/26 - course # 16359

Anyone can join, course code is 16359 and includes 3 meetings per semester, after school from 4-6p at the ITC. We will discuss trends and new tech tools as well as have 2-way conversations with IT. Participants will be paid $19/hr for attending/participating.

Technology Leadership Cohort-Capacity Building Extension-Fall 2018

(6 hours, course # 20888)

This course is open to anyone interested in building the capacity of their colleagues by offering edtech learning sessions at their school. These learning sessions may take place during lunch, department meetings, team meetings, PD days or after school. Participants will work with Kevin Murray to design a series of learning experiences, plan and implement those experiences with colleagues.