Teachers - start here

Submit a help desk ticket by clicking the button above.

  • Request Type: Software
  • Select Minecraft Edu
  • Within Request Detail indicate if you will be using with student laptops or in a computer lab.
        • An email will follow from the Windows Store with next steps for downloading and installing on your computer.

Students - get minecraft

  1. If on student laptops > Students will download Minecraft from Windows Store (linked above) or through link in email.
  2. If on computer lab devices - your building tech will work to install Minecraft Edu.

Teacher Lesson Resources

These tutorials will teach you HOW to PLAY Minecraft

Tech support and help documents for when you run into issues using Minecraft.

Connect with a community of Minecraft users across the world.

Get lesson ideas, pre-built worlds and an overview of resources needed.

The Minecraft Edu channel is a wealth of resources for both students and teachers.

Minecraft Edu Training

Teachers - Classroom mode

Download Classroom Mode from PSD Software Center to bring all students together into one world.

Students do not need to install Classroom Mode

Teachers - Coding in minecraft

Coding is built right in to Minecraft just type C in a world to activate and teach students coding through Minecraft.

Click the button above to get started through coding tutorials for Minecraft.

Tips & Tricks


Change your rendering distance and/or change to 3rd person view within Settings > Video.

Mouse Sensitivity

Things moving too fast? Adjust the sensitivity of your mouse controls within settings > Touch.

Text-to-Speech Option

Press Ctrl-B within the game or enable it through the Options menu in-game.

Minecraft Worlds (recommended by Brandon Peterson from Microsoft in Education)