Digital Tool Resources

How do I make a reservation?

1. Go to > Staff > Library Search or

2. Click the log in icon on the right- use PSD username (not full email) and password

3. Change first drop down menu to Curriculum/FOSS Resources

4. Search for items you want to reserve.

5. Select “book resource” (5 days is default reservation time)

6. The date picker will open. Sub-scripted numbers below the date tell you the number of KITS available. First date you pick = delivery date.

7. Click "book item" once you selected your dates (make back to back reservations if you want more than 5 days)

How do I check my reservation status?

1. Log in to Library Search/OPAC

2. Click on “My Account

3. Scroll down to “My borrowing

4. Click out to “Booking” > You will now see a list of materials you have reserved.