Step 1 | Portfolio Contents and Description

Step 2 | Create a New Google Site for your portfolio or work with your EdTech facilitator if you want to use another option

Deeper Investigation of Portfolio Contents & Presentation Options

(Important Note: Create a folder in your Google Drive and add all contents below to that folder. Share the Google Drive folder with your EdTech Facilitator.)

Contents Checklist

⓵ About me page

Write a short biography about your professional career and any other personal information you would like to share. Please include a picture of yourself and any pictures of family members you’d like to share on this page.

⓶ Evolution of Thought & Practice

This journal will be shared with you as a Google Presentation/Slides in Google Classroom. Please embed this document in your portfolio.

⓷ DIP Timeline

Make your own copy of the Explorer, Connected Educator or Innovator Timeline. Embed this document or provide a link in your digital portfolio.

⓸ Reflections

After DIP days, PD courses, conferences, or student activities take time to reflect on the experiences and how they will transform what is happening in your classroom. Reflections can be written, audio or video.

⓹ Lesson Refresh & Student Work Samples

At any point during the school year, link, embed or provide pictures of student work. You should be trying one new thing between each study group meeting, this will be a great place to post the products students create.