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Google Classroom: hcbq8qg

Instructors: Dan Shinneman and Adam McBride

Dates = January 19th & January 31st, 2018 from 8am-3:30pm

Publishing DIP Day 2

Course Objectives

  • Take a deeper dive into publishing tools and create a product alone, with a partner, or with a team.
  • Publish work to a digital space like Google Sites, for VR, Google Classroom, YouTube, SeeSaw, or other options.
  • Offer peer feedback to classmates published works.


  1. Logistics and introduction
  2. Activity: Digital Leadership
  3. Create a final product individually, with a partner or with a team
  4. Lunch break 11:30-12:30
  5. Ed Tech Bucks Giveaway & InnedCO registration and Spring PD
  6. Activity: Google Drawing or Pixlr-Why Publish? Share with class
  7. Finish your final product by publishing it to our class website
  8. Provide feedback to others
  9. Wrap up and class feedback
  10. Outside of class work accounting for 1 hour-submit refreshed lesson, teacher sample or student sample using digital tools with publishing to our Google Classroom

Create a product to publish - Don't forget the Lesson Refresh Template!

Finish your final product by publishing it to our class website

Activity after lunch: Why should we publish student work?

  • Check out this blog post and for some ideas. 5 reasons to publish student work.
    • Publishing for immediate and varied feedback
    • High-stakes learning
    • Effective communications
    • Content creators, not simply content consumers
    • Positive digital citizenship

Here is another great resource about publishing student writing

Create a Google Drawing or Pixlr Drawing with your team or on your own that emphasizes why students and teachers should publish.

Submit your Google Drawing to our Google Classroom -code to join our class is hcbq8qg



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