Leading & Learning

in Connected Classrooms | DIP Day 2

Why attend this session?

According to Hattie's research the most efficacious (say that 5-times fast!) classrooms are the ones in which the teachers encourage their students AND their peers towards seeing themselves as a stakeholder in the solution. Come delve into this day to become a change-agent in your school!

Instructors: Mike Foster, Laura Grissom and Kevin Murray

Dates Offered = January 24 & February 8, 2018 from 8am-3pm

Course Objectives

  • Develop a leadership role at your school, department, grade level team, etc. to encourage and support others as they investigate and experiment with educational technology tools in their classroom instruction.
  • Investigate topics that require leadership in buildings such as:
      • Working with Adult Colleagues
      • Health & Wellness Associated with Technology Use
      • Examine social media's role in supporting and promoting your school, department, grade level or classroom.
      • Discover grant funding to support innovative educational practices.


  1. Reflections on Digital Innovation Pathways
  2. Logistics and Next Steps Discussion
  3. Social Media in Classrooms with PSD Communications
  4. Work Time: PD Planning Document
  5. Technology & Grant Writing with Stacy Poncelow

LUNCH BREAK 11:30-12:30

  1. Health, Wellness & Tech with Amanda Brantley
  2. Work Time: PD Planning Document
  3. Tips for Working with Adults with Kate Canine & Kelly Williams
  4. Work Time: PD Planning Document
  5. Next Steps @ Your School

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PD Plan Ideas

Your PD Plan Can Be Tailored to fit your school, department, culture, etc.

Pick up your planning template from our Google Classroom and get started!

Create a series of Lunch & Learn sessions for your department, school or grade level team

Create a twitter account and campaign to promote tech tools, ideas and successes in your grade level or building.

Design a PD session for a collaboration day or conference session.

Write a grant proposal with a group of colleagues to support learning about and using tech tools with students.

Start a book study focusing on the use of technology in education, screen time or digital citizenship.

Create a website designed to inform others of ideas, tutorials or inspiration for technology in education.


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Final Evaluation

We would love to improve our professional development for future participants based on your feedback from today's course. Please click here to provide anonymous feedback.

Pear Deck Slideshow

You will receive a copy of this slideshow at the end of the day. The document you receive will have all links, graphics as well as your answers from open-ended questions recorded.

DIP Day 2: Leading & Learning Pear Deck Slides