Empowering Students: Getting Started with Blended Learning

Hallmarks of Blended Learning:

  • Student Agency: Provide learners opportunities to make choices about their learning path
  • Authentic Audience: Incorporate opportunities for learners to share their learning with local and global audiences
  • Connectivity: Provide opportunities for collaboration during the learning process with peers and experts outside of the school
  • Creativity: Provide time for learners to explore new and innovative ideas and practice the design process with creative problem solving
  • Personalization: Providing students with educational experiences that match their individual needs and learning styles

Source: Tucker, Catlin R., Tiffany Wycoff, and Jason T. Green. Blended learning in action: a practical guide toward sustainable change. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin, a SAGE company, 2017. Print.

Blended Learning DIP Day #1 | Donahue and Ko

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