Divergent Thinking by Design

The Day's Overview: (8:00 to 3:30)

  • Launch (8:00)
  • Activities (8:20)
  • Lunch (11:30-12:30)
  • DIP Items: Evolution of Thought & Practice, Fall PD Catalog (12:30)
  • Activities (1:15)
  • Wrap Up/Reflection (3:15)

Stick Activity:

Divergent Thinking activity

Bringing it together: eBooks, Video

Introduction to Divergent Thinking

Surprise by Mo Williams

Sample thinking activity with a read-aloud, discussion, and exploration.

Book Ideas - Divergent Thinking

Add your lesson idea(s) to the slide presentation. CLICK HERE to access and editable version of the presentation. Add your slide in the right category by right clicking and duplicating the sample book page.

Design Thinking

Use your webcam to share with us your idea for a book that lends itself to Design Thinking.

Divergent Thinking - DIP Day1

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