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Grades 3-12 | Science, Math, PE & Health | August 8, September 20, 21 and 26

Learn how to use the science probes and computer simulations to engage students in inquiry-based instruction using the 5E model. Discover strategies and tools used to collect, analyze and present student data in virtual reality.

Grades K-12 | All Content Areas

Foster student creativity and demonstrate student learning through publishing. Experience strategies and digital tools for creating and publishing podcasts, videos, screencasts, websites, VR experiences with 360 cameras, digital posters/books, digital stories and online presentations

Grades 3-12 | All Content Areas

  • Create self-directed learners through pace, place, and path
  • Explore effective blended learning components: authentic learning with student agency, collaboration, and digital resources.
  • Address the myths and uncover the realities of blended learning
  • Experience the Station Rotation model. Discover ways to make this work at the secondary level.
  • Empower students to be creative

Grades K-5| All Content Areas

  • Focus on creativity through divergent thinking
  • Use design thinking to solve problems and create new solutions
  • Problems will be identified in a piece of literature
  • Stories could be fiction or nonfiction with a science, math or literacy focus
  • Creative ways to display solutions using technology
  • Coding and robotics will be a component