With The


You and a couple of friends are going to stay for a week with your uncle. While trying to pick a book in his library, you accidentally open a secret door that was hidden in a bookcase. Under the door, you discover a time machine in his secret basement laboratory. You snoop around with your friends, and find a key to the time machine as well as a logbook created by your Uncle. You also find the book Green eggs and ham in the time machine. You get into the time machine. Your somewhat smart friend Alec suggests that you should go to see the Titanic before it sank. You put in the code that allows you to go to the time of the Titanic, and push the travel button.

Soon, you are in the cargo hold of the “unsinkable” Titanic only a day before the tragic iceberg accident. You spend several hours exploring, when your friend Mia realizes that she left her key stuck in the time machine, which is currently locked with 7 automatic locks.

With the sinking of the Titanic approaching with every passing moment, you and your friends must find all the combos to the locks using the clues you find around the Titanic and unlock all of the locks on the door of the time machine, or go down with the ship.