ePortfolio Support

Graduation Portfolio Requirements:

Click here to automatically make your own copy of the Graduation Portfolio requirements document. Your copy will be saved in your own Google Drive so that you can put it on the home page of your ePortfolio site.

Google Sites Video Tutorials:

Creating a New ePortfolio with Google Sites:

Please review this before starting the Modules.

    • There are four (4) video modules/tutorials for creating your ePortfolio using Google Sites. It is important to watch the videos in order.
    • Students will watch each video once as a whole class with the advisor projecting the video, and then students will have time to work.
    • Students, you are encouraged to review the videos again as you work. Using earbuds, you can listen to the video, pausing it, jumping forward or back as you need to as you work on your own site. It is a good idea to keep the video open in one tab while you work in another tab.

Adding a 3D Artifact: How do I add something I create that isn't an electronic or flat item that can be scanned?

Adding scanned and/or emailed documents:

NEW! Adding images that are saved as HEIC files (iPhone users)

Students' electronic portfolios should have the same pages as this sample, but everyone is encouraged to personalize their site to make it their own.

Questions? Looking for help?

If you would like to ask a technical question that your advisor can't help you with, or request a video tutorial on something specific, click here.