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Fall sport practices/tryouts will begin the week of August 8th 2022

Week of August 8th

Cross Country meet at stadium at 8am

Field Hockey meet at stadium field 3pm-5

Football- stadium 5-9

Girls Golf- meet at Quarry, 930am

Boys Soccer- 3pm- 5 stadium

Softball- 9am-11, softball field

Swim- 8-10am pool

Tennis- 9-11:15 on courts

Volleyball- 9-1130 gym, 230-430 weights

Contact respective coaches for more information



See Healthy Rosters information below.

If a student is chosen to participate on any sport team, cheerleading squad or drill team squad, the two additional forms below are required and must be on file prior to participation in the first contest:

Pattonville High School will be going online with all forms needed to compete in MSHSAA sponsored sports and Marching Band. If your son/daughter will be participating in any athletic team tryouts or marching band, where a physical is necessary, you will need to register on Healthy Rosters. Healthy Rosters will be our online site for all forms that were previously included in our participation packet. Physicals, emergency contact, concussion information, insurance information, and all necessary signatures will now be done through Healthy Rosters. The Activities Department. will no longer accept participation packets or paper copies of any information.

Who will need to register?

Parents of any student who wants to try out for an athletic team at Pattonville High School. This includes activities such as Marching Band, Drill Team, and Cheerleading as well.

Why are we making this change?

This process will allow us to not have to house every student-athletes confidential information. Healthy Rosters will be the host of all confidential information. We will no longer have an issue with misplaced forms or coaches needing to know who has a completed packet and who does not. Everything will be online and seen by the parents and coaches. Coaches will be assigned their players, once they have been turned in a roster. This allows coaches to access emergency information via their smartphones at away games and practices if information is needed. Healthy Rosters will also allow parents to see any treatments for injuries that their child has gone through. It also gives parents direct contact with the trainer for updates.

How will this work?

You will receive an email from Healthy Rosters asking you to register in the spring and throughout the summer. Once you register your son/daughter will go into the system and all forms will be available online for you to complete. All incoming freshmen will need a physical that is dated on or after May 1st of the year they will enter high school. All other physicals will be valid for two years pending physician approval. Healthy Roster will list an expiration date for all documents, and will notify you when they are set to expire. The physical form can be printed off of Healthy Rosters and taken to your doctor to fill out. Once the doctor has filled out the physical and signed and dated it, you will be able to take a picture of the form and upload it to Healthy Rosters. All other forms can be completed online without printing or uploading copies. Our athletic trainer will then review and accept these documents or request more information. Healthy Rosters will give you an up-to-date checklist of what is needed for participation, and documents needing attention will be indicated. Coaches/sponsors will have access to see if their athletes have completed all forms or not and whether they are allowed to participate or not.

Click the document for information on signing up for Healthy Roster

What if I have questions on how to do these forms?

Our trainer, Alex Hubbs, has his information listed on the forms that you will receive by email. Feel free to contact him or Jason Sellers with any questions. We will also be available at registration with a laptop to help anyone who needs further assistance with Healthy Rosters.

We are excited about Healthy Rosters and how it can make this process easier on parents, coaches, and the district.

All sports schedules are posted and updated on Arbiter Live.

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More information:

Guide for College Bound Student Athletes

NCAA Website

NCAA Clearinghouse Eligibility Website

NCAA Presentation