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Interested in enrolling the Parents as Teachers? We currently have a waiting list for the home visiting component of the program. While you're on the waiting list you and your family will still be able to receive the following:

  • Developmental Screening
  • Resources
  • Group Connections
  • Newsletter

Our primary focus of the program is ages Prenatal through 3 years old.

Group Connections


All events are located at the Pattonville Early Childhood Center 2900 Adie Road St. Ann, MO 63074

October 7 - Every Child Ready to Read with a St. Louis County Library Representative 9-10am.

October 10 - PICL Group Ages 0-3 9-10am.

October 11 - Eric Carle Story Hour 9-10am and 6-7pm for Children Ages 3-5 years old.



October 17 - Challenging Behaviors 6pm. Adults only.

October 23 - Peek A Boo Baby 0-15 months 9am.


November 4 - Fabulous Fall Ages 3-5. 9-10am.

November 4 - Fabulous Fall Ages 3-5. 6-7pm.

November 11 - Smart Start Adults Only. Child Care provided. 6-7pm.

November 14 - PICL Group Ages 0-3. 9-10am.

November 18 - Every Child Ready to Read Ages 0-5. 6-7pm

November 21 - Baby & Me Ages 0-15 months. 9-10am.


December 4- Wonderful Winter Ages 12-36 mos. 9-10am.

December 12 - PICL Group Ages 0-3. 9-10am.

December 18 - Gingerbread Ages 3-5. 9-10am.

December 18 - Gingerbread Ages 3-5. 6-7pm.

PICL Groups

January 9

February 13

March 12

April 9

May 14

Pattonville Parents as Teachers (PAT) Program

Are you the parent of a child under 5?

If so, we have the perfect program for you and your child...the Pattonville Parents as Teachers program. This program is built on the premise that parents are a child's first and best teacher. Did you know that children learn most from the people they love?

Being a parent is a lot more fun and much less stressful if...

  • You know how your child grows and develops.
  • You know how to encourage your child so he will get off to a great start in life.
  • You share experiences and receive support from other families who have a child the same age as yours.

The Parents as Teachers program includes...

  • A special time with you and your child - home visits with a parent educator
  • A time for sharing and learning with other parents - parenting classes and group meetings
  • Fun activities for both parent and child
  • Age-appropriate screenings for your child
  • Assistance with difficult issues (i.e. sleeping, toilet training, discipline)
  • Developmental information and education
  • Resources linking parents with special services, if needed

Who is eligible?

This program is FREE and available to all families in the Pattonville School District with young children. This includes families who:

-Are expecting a new baby

-Have children under school age

Parent Educators If you are currently enrolled in the Pattonville Parents as Teachers program and would like to contact your parent educator by phone, please call (314) 213-8003, and enter their extension below to reach them directly.

Stephanie Hughes, x 3

Kathy Weber, x 5

Lori Connors, x 4

Laura Dorris, x 6

Julie Hilker, x 2

Cheryl Norfolk, x 1

Tess Gaeng, x 7

Developmental Screenings

Parents as Teachers performs developmental screenings, that assesses the following areas:

  • Motor
  • Concepts
  • Language
  • Self-Help Skills
  • Social Emotional Development

For more information, please call 314-213-8100.

This screening takes approximately 2 hours and you will remain with your child throughout the screening process.

If you or your child's primary language is not English and will need an interpreter, please call the office AND allow us 2 weeks to confirm and schedule an interpreter.

Screenings are currently for children 3-5.

What to Expect on Your Personal Visit

Pattonville's team of parent educators provide support, resources, and developmental information to help with your most important, but sometimes toughest job; that of being a parent. Each family enrolled in PAT is provided with their own personal parent educator.

Parents as Teachers conducts personal visits with families of children ranging from prenatal through age five, using research based information in cognitive, social, motor, and language development.