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An unfulfilled vocation drains the color from a man’s entire existence. ~Honre de Balzac

We are excited to announce that beyond our core academic courses of Mathematics, English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science, students will have new learning opportunities to help prepare them for real world career pathways in today’s job market.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

This year we are partnering with the STEM Academy to provide all of our students with a blended learning opportunity that employs a hands-on, minds-on approach to learning about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The curriculum and projects include real world problems that relate to career pathways for agriculture, architecture, aviation, biotechnology, coding, design, electronics, energy, engineering, food science, information technology, manufacturing, medical, sustainability and transportation. The curriculum is based on national standards that correlate to individual state standards. It is also our aspiration to partner with local business and industry leaders.

The Arts

Additionally, we are offering exploratory classes in the visual and performing arts to include Band, Choir, Art Exploration (Visual Arts), and Dramatic Literature/Theater. Research indicates that the arts strengthen critical and creative thinking skills, and add to overall academic achievement and school success. It is widely accepted that the arts strongly impact the developmental growth of every child. It is our position that all students have access to the arts.

Physical Education

Although not new to Pioneer, all students will have the opportunity to be active through their P.E. classes, as well as learn about healthy living and how it impacts the body and cognitive development. Additionally, students will have opportunities to engage in advanced physical fitness classes that provide students with experiences to enhance specific athletic skills (sport specific), as well as develop a deeper understanding of cardiovascular fitness, and strength training. Physical activity and healthy living are critical to student learning and academic success. Educational research has repeatedly shown that physical activity is directly related to improved cognitive skills, as well as enhanced concentration and attention.

Enrichment and Intervention

In addition to the aforementioned courses, students will be afforded other enrichment classes, such as Microsoft Certifications and Advanced Science. Intervention classes will also be provided for students who need additional support in reading and mathematics, as well as for students who need more time to complete homework and improve organizational skills.

It is important to note that students who need additional support will be enrolled in support classes based on the prior year’s academic performance in the classroom and on various assessments. With that said, students who need additional support will not miss out on all exploratory opportunities. We have strategically scheduled the majority of our exploratory classes on Wednesday, which will not conflict with support classes. We believe it is important for all students to have a variety of exploratory experiences to help them discover their passion and career pathway.

Bracken Budge, Principal