Monthly Observances and Celebrations

The Public Schools of Brookline invites you to utilize this Monthly Observances and Celebrations calendar as a resource to expand awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the variety of cultural, historical, and religious occasions observed by members of the Brookline community. 

We developed this calendar to better reflect the many perspectives and contexts that encompass our community, and as a resource for connection. Specific dates and times of the year may hold various significance for our students, staff, families, and community members. Recognizing these occasions is one way we can respect growth and value that comes from different perspectives, cultures, and experiences. 

Through acknowledgment, we also aim to create more commonalities within Brookline's many diverse perspectives and contexts. For example, wishing someone a "happy new year" on January 1 is one of the social bonds that makes us one community. We encourage you to take this practice one step further by greeting those whose new year is celebrated on a different day and time (e.g. Rosh Hashanah, Lunar New Year, Diwali) in finding common ground.

To maximize inclusivity, it is important to take these days of remembrance, observance, and celebration into consideration when planning instruction, interactions, and events. 

Please note that in many cultures and religions, observances fall on different dates each year, as not all cultures and countries follow the Gregorian calendar. Many use a Lunar calendar or other time measurement systems. For some holidays observed on the Lunar calendar, the observance begins at sunset of the preceding day.

This calendar is not comprehensive of all religious and cultural observances and is continuously amended to reflect the most accurate and current information. In addition, individuals of the same religion, faith, culture, and/or community may practice traditions differently. If you would like to recommend a holiday or observance to be added to this calendar, please complete the online form here.

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