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About Fulton Heights

The Pueblo School for Arts and Sciences already had a rich tradition in education as the third oldest charter school in the state of Colorado celebrating our 22nd year. The PSAS Board is excited to announce the opening of a second campus in the Salt Creek Community at the former Fulton Heights elementary building.

This new school will still be based on many of the same elements of the original campus, implementing the Paideia philosophy, and extensive Humanities curriculum, but the other main focus will be on Industry, STEM and "Maker School" concepts. Our hope is to create a school that gives students the foundation and skills needed to be successful in careers that focus on industry, and high tech jobs that require a solid foundation in the hands-on creation and technological skill.

With a combination of a proven academics program in collaboration with a program that will teach students how to build, make, create, invent and repair with their hands we feel we will produce students who will be workforce ready.

Over $750,000 dollars in grants and $200,000 dollars in school reserves will be poured into this building and its academic programs. Our hope is to bring this closed down school back to life and provide the City of Pueblo with another choice in the child's education.

Please come and join us on this adventure, click the enrollment tab and place your student on our waiting list and be a part of our PSAS family next August.

Additional information about this school and its programs will be coming in the months to come