Message from Administration

Welcome to the 2017-2018 Academic Year!

Message from the PSAS Director

Our school provides a unique environment that focuses on the integration of arts and sciences into the core curriculum to develop a more well-rounded, well-educated child. We not only offer the traditional 3 Rs – we immerse our children in the study of the Spanish language and in ALL the arts including music, theater, and visual arts to more fully develop all facets of creative thinking. Our students are also deeply engaged in the local community by participating in the annual Empty Bowls fundraising event (now in its 21st year) to benefit local Pueblo homeless and hunger charities. From an early age, our students learn to be participating and contributing members of the larger community.

School Director

Pueblo School for Arts & Sciences

Message from the PSAS Principal

Hello all PSAS students, families, community members, and visitors. This is my fourth year as principal of Pueblo School for and Sciences. It is and has been a pleasure to serve at a school where we truly educate the whole child. We accomplish this through the development of a strong academic curriculum, integration of the arts (spanish, technology, vocal and instrumental music, art, and physical education), and the implementation of an extensive after school enrichment program. In addition to these many opportunities PSAS also has a successful engineering and design team as well as a great marching band with color guard.

PSAS is rooted in the Paideia philosophy. Paideia is a Greek term which, when translated means "the upbringing of a child." As an educational model, Paideia consists of three primary modes of instruction: didactic (lecture), coaching (skill development), and Socratic seminars (discussion and in-depth questioning).

The school culture is that of teamwork, kindness, hard work, fun, and a great sense of family. The staff is truly dedicated to the academic and social growth of each and every student and strives to bring out the talents and abilities of all. Staff and students work together to give back to the community through such activities as empty bowls, operation paintbrush, working in the spirit garden, and Rake up Pueblo.

Many of the additional as well as school housed events would be very difficult to accomplish without the help of dedicated parent volunteers. I want to take this opportunity to thank and encourage parents to become involved with volunteering as it enables the school to be able to provide so many experiences for our students. I am eager to continue serving the great students, staff, and families of PSAS.


Charles Maglia