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Summer Office Hours For Jones Campus: 10am - 2pm Monday - Thursday

The Town Hall Meeting with the board will be on August 1, 2018, at 5 pm. All questions submitted will be printed and available at the meeting. The questions will be read and then opened to the board members and/or admin to respond at the town hall. Follow up questions may be submitted in writing at the town hall and may be considered depending upon time available. No verbal comments or questions will be addressed in this forum. The open forum will be strictly limited to 1 hour so that the board then can conduct its normal meeting. To submit your question please complete the following survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/psastownhallmeeting

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Waitlist & Re Enrollment

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Disclaimer: New students must be age 5 by August 1st, 2018.

Re Enrollment opens 15 January, 2018

Interest List for Possible Homeschool Program

The Pueblo School for Arts and Sciences is considering starting a Homeschool Program which would be available to families in Colorado. If we were to start this program we would offer a one-day a week fun, academic and content rich program that works in partnership and compliments the goals of your family. This form is to merely gage interest for a possible Homeschool program within the PSAS Network in Pueblo, Colorado.

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Leading the Way in Education

The Pueblo School for Arts and Sciences has developed curriculum with the "Whole Student" in mind. Whether in the classroom working with tomorrow's technology or in the community leaving their mark, our students' are becoming the leaders of tomorrow. With flagship programs like After School Enrichment, and Empty Bowls; our students engage in a one of a kind environment that allows for learning to evolve outside of traditional lectures. Our approach to teaching within the schools is truly based around our core curriculum giving students an edge as they move forward in their development. Our staff exemplifies what it means to be a "Lifelong Learner" by exploring, and use of cross integration of subjects within the core curriculum. By our integration of humanities classes beginning in kindergarten, our students have early access to classes such as: Technology, Art, Spanish, Physical Education, Choir, and Instrumental.

After School Enrichment

Empty Bowls


Our Schools

Jones Campus

In the Fall of 1995 the Pueblo School For Arts and Sciences was the 3rd charter school to open in the state of Colorado. We are happy to say 22 years later we are still providing a first rate education to the students and families of Pueblo, Colorado.

A school that is based on the Paideia Principles, "That all students deserve the same quality of schooling, not just the same quantity. PSAS has been classified as a "Performance School" for the past 6 years. The Arts are celebrated and given equal time and emphasis as the core academic classes. Our free After School Enrichment Program, is one of the best in the state. The Science and technology programs are some of the best in the state. We were a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) school well before the term was invented.

Fulton Heights Campus

The Pueblo School for Arts and Sciences already had a rich tradition in education as the third oldest charter school in the state of Colorado celebrating our 22nd year. The PSAS Board is excited to announce the opening of a second campus in the Salt Creek Community at the former Fulton Heights elementary building.

This new school will still be based on many of the same elements of the original campus, implementing the Paideia philosophy, and extensive Humanities curriculum, but the other main focus will be on Industry, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and "Maker School" concepts. Our hope is to create a school that gives students the foundation and skills needed to be successful in careers that focus on industry, and high tech jobs that require a solid foundation in hands on creation and technological skill.

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Jones Campus & Business Office

2415 Jones Ave. | Pueblo, CO 81004 | Phone: 719-404-2680 | Fax: 719-404-2681 | info@psas.ws

Fulton Heights Campus

1411 Santa Rosa St. | Pueblo, CO 81006 | Phone: 719-225-1107 | Fax: 719-569-4407