Mrs. Durante's Art Page

If you have any questions, concerns, or if your child simply wants to share their art or chat with me, you can reach me at this time by emailing me at:

-You can also message me on Class Dojo or Remind!

Children can take pictures of their art and send it to me via email. I can critique their finished work and provide them with feedback!


I have added some of the artists and projects that we would have been making in my class over the next few weeks. Please encourage your child to work on this while they are home. When you click on 2nd grade lesson #1-Frida Kahlo, there will be more lessons listed underneath. Click on the box with the triangle to view the others. All lessons are in numerical order. If you do not see the next lesson, always click on the box with the triangle. Some lessons pop up once you click on that. (For example, lesson 4 appears to not be there until you click on that box and then Jackson Pollock appears..)

**The 3rd grade art lessons are listed under the word "More" next to where it says Lesson #1- Frida Kahlo.

**There is also an art websites page and art game boards page as well listed under "MORE". Check them out!!

Suggested Materials Needed- glue, scissors, construction paper, crayons, markers, oil pastels, chalk pastels, watercolor paint, and tempera paint. Many of these items can be located at the dollar store.


I miss you all so very much. Remember to stay at home as much as possible and constantly wash your hands! You are all very talented children and I know you can do these projects at home. Make me proud! Enjoy creating and have fun! Remember all the things we have learned all year and apply those skills when you are working at home! I have tried my best to include videos to help you make these projects to the best of your ability. Think of all the artists that we learned about that went through difficult times and how art helped them get through it. I plan to do the same at home as well! Art is powerful and can help keep our mind focused on something else. I love you all and will hopefully see you all soon! I look forward to seeing your creations! Take pictures of your completed work and email them to me! I would love to see them! Take care and be well!

Love Mrs. Durante