Ms. Izzo's Art Studio

LESSONS: Students will Accomplish each Assignment per Week.

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Lesson 1- Drawing skill #1

Students will take a picture from either a book or the internet and draw it using

geometric shapes. (circle, oval, square, rectangle, triangle, trapezoid).

Step 1. Draw on a separate sheet of paper the picture using geometric shapes.

Step 2. Refine the shapes to make the drawing realistic.

Task: Create a drawing that you saw in a book or on the internet using geometric shapes. Look at some of these videos from YouTube for ideas. Then answer the following:

· Please list the geometric shapes you used to create your final picture.

· Explain how your shapes helped you draw the picture.

*Additional resources:

Lesson # 2 Drawing with a Grid

Lesson 2- Drawing Skill #2

Students will find another picture and use the drawing skill of creating shapes using a Grid. Students will take a ruler and measure the length and width of the picture and measure half of these measurement. Draw a grid using these measurements. Draw the picture one square at a time until the entire picture is drawn. Now unify the whole design and refine it. Make it your own drawing by personalizing it with your own lines.

Task: Create a new drawing that you saw in a book or on the internet using a grid. Here are some videos you can watch to help. Then answer the following:

· Explain how using a grid aided in creating your drawing.

· Was it easier or harder to use a grid?

*Additional resources:

This drawing method of using a grid is commonly used by artists.

Lesson 3: Drawing from life

Lesson 3- Drawing skill # 3

Using your drawing skills with pencil draw something from your home. Check out some of these ideas. Use all the drawing skills that you have now explored.

Task: Create a drawing of a nonliving object that you have in your home. Then answer the following:

· Explain what drawing skills you used to create your drawing.

· What made you choose the object you chose to draw?

· Ask a family member to give you one piece of feedback about your drawing and write it down.


*Additional resources:

LEsson #4 Color Application

Lesson 4- Color skill # 4

Take one of the drawings that you have created and color your drawing using crayons and colored pencils. Use all of your prior knowledge regarding color. Refer back to the color wheel. Primary (Red, yellow, blue), Secondary (Orange, Green, Violet), and Tertiary colors (Red/Orange, Red/violet, Yellow/Orange, Yellow/Green, Blue/violet, Blue/green.)

Task: Choose one of the drawings you created from Lessons 1-3. Then color in your drawing using the color wheel to help you decide on your color choices. Then answer the following:

· Explain what colors you made and how you made them using your color wheel prior knowledge.

· How did you mix both colored pencils and crayons to create a finished artwork?

*Additional resources:

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