NY Cares Enrichment Saturday's have started

Starting on October 13th and continuing through December, the amazing volunteers at NY cares are helping our kids learn code, build robots, create cartoons and more! What's all happens on Saturday's and it's all free for our community!

Career Day: October 23rd

Talk to your children about different career options they may be interested. We will be spending our school day on the 16th exploring different careers students may choose.

Traffic Safety at Helen M. Marshall: October 16th

Officers from the 110th precinct come to Helen M. Marshall to discuss traffic safety tips with our upper grade students

It is Hispanic Heritage month.

Talk to your students about the amazing contributions that people from Spain and Latin America has made to our society.

First day of School is September 5th!

We have a fun, full day of school. 8 AM- 2:20 PM

It is official. Our new School name is Helen M. Marshall!

In the news

Free Internet For Students

Students can now get free wifi for home use! Go here for more information.

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