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Physical Education

I grew up in Bayside, Queens. I went to high school at Cardozo in Bayside and I went to Queens College. I studied Physical Education at Queens College. I have worked for the NYCDOE for 5 years. What I love the most about my job is seeing the look on students faces when they learn something new. I also love having a positive impact on students' lives. I spend my free time playing a variety of sports including basketball and tennis. I also like to go to the gym and spend time with friends and family. I really enjoy teaching and imparting knowledge on students that they can utilize throughout their lives.

Mckenzie Chen


Melissa Potwardski


I am from Queens, NY. I went to the School of Visual Arts, Queens College and Adelphi University. I have worked for the NYCDOE since 2008. I love being an art teacher and am so happy that I get to teach my favorite subject every day. I create projects based on the NYC Blueprint for the Arts as well as student interests so they can learn through being creative. I also incorporate other subject areas whenever possible. I want to make sure that my students are familiar with artists that are creating art now and the different colleges and career opportunities there are in the art field.

In my classes, students learn about art history, contemporary artists, art terms, materials and techniques. They are given the opportunity to create art both from their imagination and through observation of the world around them



I grew up in Astoria, Queens, my family and I lived in the same apartment for 18 years. I went to Queens College for both my Bachelors and Masters degree. At Queens I double majored in Sociology and Childhood Education for my Bachelors degree. For my Masters degree I studied Teaching Students with Disabilities for Childhood Education. This will be my third year in the DOE, previously I worked for 3 years teaching at a charter school. Teaching is more than a job it is a way of life. What I love about being a teacher is the connection between myself and my students. I love the way we have an impact on each others lives and at the end of the school year we each walk away having grown that much more as a person. I love watching faces light up when something clicks, and listening to the questions that children ask and the way their minds explore is fascinating to me. I love that is a community effort, teachers work as a team and families in order to make sure every child gets exactly what they need, with teaching you are part of something bigger. In my free time, if I have free time, I like any physical activity. I love going to the gym, playing handball and tennis. I love hiking as well and am always interested in learning about new trails. I recently went camping and fell in love with it and am excited to go again. I also love spending time with my family and cooking for them. I have two chihuahuas, Rosey and Stewie, and they are the most adorable and loving dogs!I am excited about the new school year and can't wait to get to know the students and families of PS 330!!