Helen M. Marshall Community Values

Our Community Values reflect what is most important to our community. It’s the why behind the decisions we make and they are supported by a belief that we are at our best when our Community Values guide the choices we make as a school community.

These values came from a list that was produced, organized and prioritized by various Teachers, Student council members, PTA executive board members, Office staff and Administration. All of these values have deep connections to our original BEST values (Balance, Experience, Success and Teamwork).





We are at our best as a community when we:

...communicate, dream and create together

...value the bodies and minds of the people in the community. Including ourselves.

...seek to understand who people are and what is best for them. This knowledge guides how we interact with people.

....are reliable. We follow through on commitments with community members at school and at home. Sometimes we need to sacrifice our interests in the moment in order to protect long term success.