Reading Resources

The more that you READ,

the more things you will KNOW.

The more that you LEARN,

the more places you will GO!

- - Dr. Seuss

Assessing Reading

At P.S. 214, we believe it is crucial to support students in their reading by providing instruction focused on the exact skills and strategies they need to progress. In order to do this, teachers assess students reading performance multiple times throughout the year through two different assessment tools.

We use the Teacher's College running record assessment which is done one-on-one with each student multiple times throughout the year. This assessment identifies the student's Independent Reading Level and Instructional Reading Level. These levels are identified by a letter starting with A through Z. The Instructional Reading Level is sometimes referred to as a Guided Reading Level. Teachers use this information to guide students in selecting books to read independently as well as planning for reading instruction in the classroom.

We also use STAR assessment which is an online reading assessment. This assessment identifies the student's Grade Level Equivalent as well as a Lexile Range which is a number. This information is used to supplement our assessment of students current reading performance and to guide and support instruction.

Below you will find several resources that allow you to identify books by Guided Reading Level and Lexile Level. Teachers provide information to families about students' Independent Reading Levels and Lexile levels through report cards as well as other times throughout the year.

If you need more information about your child's Reading Level or Lexile Level, please contact your child's teacher or Ms. Pelle, Parent Coordinator.

You can search search for book titles by both Guided Reading Level and Lexile Level. You can refer to the Parent Letter from Star Assessment for the Lexile ZPD. You can also purchase books directly from this website.

You can search for texts on this website by Lexile level. You can also search by interest areas and there are links to purchase books directly from Amazon and other sources.

RaZ Kids is an online website and app which the school provides. RaZ kids provides students access to online texts that are specific to each Guided Reading Level. We encourage students to practice reading at their Instructional or Guided Reading Level at home.

This website provides a list of suggested book titles for each Guided Reading Level from A through Z.

This website provides a list of suggested book titles by age range.

This website provides some additional information about Guided Reading which is small group instruction used to support students in their reading progress.