Ms. Alvarez


Hi! My name is Marilyn Alvarez. I have the privilege to teach Pre-K for the 2017-2018 school year. I have taught at P. S. 214 for 13 years! I was very lucky to have had the opportunity to complete my student teaching at P. S. 214 and then offered to join such an amazing school community! I have also been a member of the CCAST program and the Garden Club offered at our school.

I look forward to an amazing school year. Our preschoolers are such a ray of sunshine in our school. Their eagerness to learn, their instincts to be so curious and their love so pure! Again, I am a very lucky!!! Pre-K is such an extraordinary place to be. I am a life long learner and i know every family and student that have entered my classroom have taught me something. I am believer that students learn from each other, from their families, from their school and from their environment. I wish to create a classroom where we are all building towards a better tomorrow.

During the time I am not teaching or learning, I enjoy various activities. I love to swim, enjoy camping, vacationing, listening to music, spending quality time with family and friends. I love admiring nature, such as a sunrise or a sunset. Photography is a hobby of mine, to capture a moment in time is extraordinary. To look at a photograph and reminisce on its impact has a soft spot in my soul!

So…be prepared if i come with my camera and say “picture time!”


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