Computer Objective:

As the role of technology in schools evolves, my primary goal remains – to ensure all students have authentic and equitable opportunities to build 21st Century skills. Technology Integration allows us to research electronically, travel virtually, and explore globally in our classrooms, our software and online programs enable us to create and present cross-curricular multimedia projects.


All students have the right to learn. I want my students to feel comfortable, safe, and free to express themselves in my classroom. I want to awaken students’ natural curiosity and quest for knowledge. This will be accomplished by centering classes and lessons, to the extent possible, through projects, problems to be solved, or questions to be answered. I will show them all that Google has to offer in the way of searching and once they get search results, how to evaluate those results for validity. Students will learn how to use popular productivity software to solve problems, analyze data and communicate with others. Lessons will involve as many areas of the curriculum as possible so they can see how the subjects they study do not exist in isolation. When they leave my class I expect them to be savvy tech users and model digital citizens prepared to tackle any challenge they may experience as they go through life.