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chorus - band

Grade level song assignments

PreK - Kindergarten

Roly Poly

1st Grade

Yankee Doodle

2nd Grade

You're A Grand Old Flag!

3rd Grade

Hill and Gully Rider

4th - 5th Grade

The Star Spangled Banner

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At P.S. 214, our students engage in fun music making activities and discussions each week. Singing, dancing, instrumental skill, reading music notation, group games, and live performance make up the music curriculum. Student's ability to accurately match pitch (sing), establish "beat" competency (develop accurate rhythm in their body), and demonstrate music literacy (reading music notation) are four focuses of our program. Mastery of these skills (music achievements) are the building blocks of music learning and mastery will unlock potential (music aptitude) for fluent, joyful music making that will last a lifetime.


4/4, 2/4, 3/4, 6/8, and 5/4

Note Durations

Quarter Note, Eighth Note, Sixteenth Note, and Triplets


Major, Minor, Dorian, Mixolydian, Pentatonic, and Lydian

Multi-part songs and Harmony

Singing Rounds and Canons, Ostinato and Melody, Melody and Root Melody

Understanding Concepts

PreK - 2nd

Long vs. Short, High vs. Low, Loud vs. Soft, Stop vs. Go, Sound vs. Silence, Voice Types (Singing, Speaking, Whisper, and CALLING VOICE!!!)


Students must be able to define the following musical terms. Students must also be able to demonstrate understanding of these concepts by identifying each when presented with musical examples in class. Students must also apply musical concepts when composing music.

Melody - The singable tune from a song

(pitch and range)

Harmony - The effect of two or more notes occuring at the same time

(chord, progression, and key)

Form - How a piece of music is sectionally organize

(Canon, Round, Rondo, AABA, Call & Response, Echo Song)

Dynamics - Volume in music

(pianissimo, piano, mezzopiano, mezzoforte, forte, fortissimo)

Rhythm - The speed and repeated pattern of beats

(beat, meter, tempo, syncopation)

Timbre - The character of a sound

Notate music within specific melodic and rhythmic parameters.

Recorder/Ukulele: Perform music by rote and by sight


Our program offers opportunities to audition for:

4th & 5th Grade Chorus, and 5th Grade Modern Band


Please ask your child what they have been working on in music!

How music benefits overall intelligence