Extracurricular Activities

P.S. 214 offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities

Peer Mediators

P.S. 214 has participated in the Peer Mediation Program for over 20 years. Each year, children are nominated by their 3rd Grade teachers to be a part of the program. During the two day training in the Fall of 4th Grade, students are given the resources and support needed to develop and implement the Peer Mediation program here at P.S. 214. The children are trained and work in the program in grade 4 and 5. Ms. Cohen and Ms. Spector facilitate the training and oversee the program throughout the year.

Peer Mediation is one of the most popular and arguably the most effective approach to integrating the practice of conflict resolution into schools. It is not hard to see why: Peer mediation encourages students to apply conflict resolution skills when it matters most—when they are in conflict. By helping students resolve and learn from interpersonal disputes, peer mediation programs also advance the educational mission of the schools in which they operate.

Cheerleading Squad

The P.S. 214 Cheerleading Squad attends all of basketball games. Our Cheerleading Squad is managed by Ms. Evangelou.

Basketball Team

P.S. 214 has been participating in the District 25 Basketball League for many years. Mr. Acampado is the head coach and Ms. Garafola joined the team as a coach in 2016.

The P.S. 214 Blue Sonics Basketball team is an athletic enrichment program available to all students in 5th grade. The basketball team consists of 15 players and 4 team managers and is co-educational. Students are selected based on a wide spectrum of criteria, including participation in class assignments, completion of homework and being a good P.S. 214 citizen.

Participants in the basketball program compete in the District 25 basketball league which includes over 15 schools in Northeast Queens. Basketball games are played at P.S. 214 as well as other District 25 neighboring schools. Statistics and records are not kept. Rather, the focus of the Blue Sonics basketball program is cooperation, teamwork and fun.

The P.S. 214 Newspaper Club was started in 2016. Students in Grades 4 & 5 attend all of our special events and work with our teacher advisors in crafting their articles. The vision for the Colden Chronicle is to give the students of PS 214 an opportunity to highlight their perspectives on events and activities throughout the school community. The responsibilities of the committee include, but are not limited to, attending school wide events such as grade performances, basketball games, coverage of Spirit Days, etc. Staff members and peers are interviewed on a monthly basis, and the Corner of Creativity allows all students the opportunity to submit a piece to be considered for publishing. Jokes, riddles, games and inspirational quotes are included as well – making the Colden Chronicle more interactive.

Our teacher advisors are Ms. Spector, Ms. Zaphiris, Ms. D'Alleman and Ms. Colarco

Garden Club

Our Garden Club is managed by Ms. Kim. Our garden began in 2012 when we became a recipient of a grant from the American Heart Association to build a garden for the students of P.S. 214. Fifth grade students are invited to apply in the Fall. Selected students meet once a week throughout the year to work on issues relating to energy conservation, recycling and the garden in the Spring.


Cadwallader Colden After School Theatre

The CCAST program was started in 2010 by Ms. Fuccillo. The school was awarded a grant and every year the school performs a Disney Musical for Kids. Students in Grades 3, 4 & 5 are invited to audition in the Fall. Rehearsals take place after school several times a week. The CCAST team includes: Ms. Fuccillo, Producer; Ms. Kim, Production Director/ Director of Choreography; Ms. Marini, Production Assistant; Ms. Alvarez, Lighting Director/Stage Manager/Director of Sound; Mr. Campbell, Music Director; Ms. Hoch, Art & Set Design Director; Ms. Spector and Ms. Pelle; Public Relations. Many of our staff and parents contribute by working on the set, rehearsing with students and managing the day of the show.

CASA Dance Program

Our school was awarded a CASA grant sponsored by the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs from Councilman Koo in 2016. This grant allowed us to partner with Flushing Town Hall and provide a program for students in Grade 2. Over the last six months, thirty students from the 2nd grade worked with Flushing Town Hall teaching artist Ling Tang, learning various traditional dances of China. The students learned the Chinese Ribbon, Jasmine Flower, Tambourine, and Kung Fu dances, and even learned a few songs in Chinese. For the culminating performance, the students were joined on stage by professionals including the exhilarating lion dancers, Ling Tang’s ensemble and more.

ELA & Math Test Preparation

P.S. 214 provides Test Preparation classes several times a week after school. These classes are taught by P.S. 214 teachers in our classrooms. Our students practice strategies in ELA and Math that will help them on the state exam.

ENL Support

P.S. 214 offers an afterschool program for our English Language Learners. This program is provided by P.S. 214 teachers in our classrooms.