English as a New Language

At P.S. 214, the education of our English language learners is a integral part of our school's curriculum. The ENL teachers push into the classrooms as well as pull out small groups of ELL students to provide ENL services.

ENL services focus on helping students acquire English through speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The ENL teachers focus instruction on basic communication skills and everyday language as well as academic vocabulary words, accessing complex texts, sentence structure and other components of English grammar. The ENL teachers work closely with classroom teachers to make sure that ELLs are learning English across all content areas.

In our ENL program, students also have opportunities to go on yearly field trips that enrich our learning. In addition to the mandated ENL services, our ELLs also benefit from the Title III ENL After School program which we offer every year.

ENL Teachers

~ Bilingual Staff Members ~


Ms. Nikki Nikoloulis

Ms. Georgia Karolides

Ms. Barbara Kontolios

Ms. Stella Karagiorgaki


Ms. Slywia Popkin

Ms. Krystyna Markowski


Ms. Sonja Koscica