Our School

P.S. 214 Mission Statement

P.S. 214 is a diverse and collaborative school dedicated to achieving high standards of academic excellence for all of our students. The mission of the Cadwallader Colden School is to promote a community of students, families, staff and administrators who will nurture the changing intellectual, social and emotional needs of our students and direct their abilities towards the achievement of exemplary performance, enabling them to become responsible, respectful and productive citizens. Toward this end, we will maintain high expectations for our students and develop programs which foster critical thinking, high level problem solving skills and the ability to adapt to our ever-changing global society. Our mantra is to never give up, encourage others and always do your best. P.S. 214 maintains high expectations for our staff and strongly encourages parent involvement in school activities.

Regular School Day

Our school serves students in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5.

We have General Education classrooms, Integrated Collaborative Teaching Classrooms and Gifted & Talented Classrooms.

All of our students receive instruction in Visual Arts, Music, Technology, Science and Physical Education each week.

Peer Mediators

Cheerleading Squad

Basketball Team

Garden Club

Cadwallader Colden After School Theatre (CCAST)

CASA Dance Program

ELA & Math Test Prep

ENL Support

P.S. 214 also has a newly updated 400 seat auditorium as well as a full size gymnasium and cafeteria. There is a small playground and garden on school property. The school also has access to a NYC Park which shares the block with our school.

Instructional Focus 2016 - 2017

To expand our use of data and assessments as they connect to literacy, math and discussion. To this end we will ensure that:

Students develop skills needed to participate in new and complex tasks and concepts according to their access/entry level.

Teachers will develop tasks and questions that assess and deepen students’ understanding of new content/text. These tasks and questions will be differentiated appropriately for students based on their entry level and will be fully aligned with the instructional objectives.

School leaders will ensure that staff and students meet the rigorous expectations and are provided with the resources necessary for this focus. This includes but is not limited to a school wide data collection system.

**ALIGN…ASSESS…ACHIEVE is our theme for the year.**

Our School Motto

Never Give Up, Encourage Others, and Do Your Best

P.S. 214 celebrates students by recognizing Students of the Month.

September & October

Caring and Kind

November & December

Attentive Listener

January & February

Consistently Cooperative

March & April

Extraordinary Effort

May & June

Outstanding Role Model


P.S. 214 recognizes our student writers with a Quill Award.

It is awarded 5 times per year to a student in each class.