Mr. Ivan Espinosa - Pre-K, 3rd to 5th Grade

Mr. Ivan Espinosa

Pre-K picture of Mr. E

Hello everyone, I am Ivan Espinosa the new technology teacher/coordinator. I am so happy to join the PS195X community.

This will be my twelfth year as NYCDOE teacher. I am so proud to be a NYC teacher. The opportunity to teach students from so many diverse backgrounds is a privilege.

Prior to working at PS195X, I have worked in several schools in Queens as a substitute teacher at first, then I moved on to technology teacher. I am not new to the Bronx, early in my career I worked as a Specialty Teacher in the Computer Lab at a District 75 school in the Bronx. I enjoyed my time there and that is how I got interested in both Special Education and Technology.

I pursued a degree in instructional technology because I do enjoy using technology in my instructions and I feel that technology is the path to achieving success with all our students. I also like engaging my students with creative forms of learning.

I love traveling and taking photographs of all my adventures.

I hope to be able to make my tenure at PS195X an incredible and wonderful technological learning experience for all my students.