Keeping Castlewood Safe

Chancellor Communications

PS 186 Covid-19 procedures

Our school has taken several steps to increase the safety of our staff and students, as per the CDC and DOE guidelines.

  • All students and adults entering the building must wear a mask that properly covers the nose and mouth.

  • In addition to checking Daily Health Screening Forms, the school will be instituting random temperature checks upon entry using non-touch thermometers.

  • Social distancing will be implemented throughout the school building; students will remain in classrooms for lunch.

  • Custodian engineers will continue to comply with instructions on building ventilation and the opening of windows.

  • Virtual parent meetings are strongly encouraged; should a parent/guardian wish to speak to a staff member in person, please schedule an appointment via email, in advance.

Daily Health Screenings

All DOE employees, students, and visitors seeking to enter PS 186Q must show a completed health screening before entry, EACH DAY.

Students will be asked to provide their screening results daily (via a device or printed copy).

Results will reset at midnight of each day.

Weekly Testing

Testing will happen weekly for a random selection of staff and students in your child’s school. Given the ongoing fight against a citywide resurgence of COVID-19, this mandatory weekly testing for COVID-19 is a crucial part of our plan to keep all schools safe.

3K, Pre-K, and Kindergarten students are excluded from random testing.

Student Arrival Procedures

Students need to arrive with a proper fitting face mask and a completed daily health screening.

8:30AM Student arrival for K-5 (Main Entrance opens 8:20AM)

Students will go directly to their rooms upon arrival, sit six feet apart, and be monitored by paraprofessionals until the teachers open the doors at 8:30 am. Students without the Health Screening survey will sit in the auditorium (a minimum of 6 feet apart) until a staff member can contact a family member to have the screening completed.

8:35AM Student arrival for Pre-K (Entrance 5A by Castle)

  • Parents must take their child’s temperature each morning and complete the health screening survey prior to arrival. Thermometers will be given to all blended students on their first day of attendance in the building.

  • School staff will be greeting families as they arrive at the main entrance to collect paper copies of the survey/check phones for the “Cleared to Enter DOE Schools and Facilities [Date]” message.

  • Blue markers have been placed on the sidewalk to support appropriate social distancing while families wait to enter the building.

  • If a child arrives without evidence of a completed survey, school staff will support families in the survey completion process.

  • Random temperature checks will be conducted.

  • Students will enter the school building independently.

  • Once in the building, all students will go directly to their classrooms.

  • School staff will greet students coming off of the bus by the ramp door. These students will go through the same screening process as those students walking to school.

student Dismissal procedures

We ask all parents to wear masks and maintain a safe and respectful distance from teachers and other students during dismissal.

Student dismissal for Pre-K is 1:55PM (Exit 5A by Castle)

Student dismissal for K-5 is 2:00PM

Parent pick up locations will be changed to provide sufficient social distancing. Signs will be posted to support parents and students.

K & Grade 1 will dismiss through the main door

Grade 2 will dismiss on 72nd avenue by the benches west of the playground

Grade 3 will dismiss by the sprinkler in the playground

Grade 4 will dismiss by the pool closest to the school

Grade 5 will dismiss by the swings in the playground.

Expectations for shared spaces


Stairwells are marked with up and down arrows on the doors. It is expected that teachers and students only use the stairs in the designated direction. All classroom teachers should provide instruction to students on the markings in the hallways.


Hallways are marked with directions and lines separating the space for each lane. All individuals in the hallway are expected to follow the markings on the floor. Any individuals walking in a group for more than 10 minutes should maintain 6 feet of distances between other members in the group. This can be measured by both individuals extending their arms horizontally, or by 6-7 floor tiles. What will the bathroom procedures be? Only 2 students should be in the bathroom at a time. The rest of the students will wait on the designated marked spots in the hallway.


Only 2 students should be in the bathroom at a time. The rest of the students will wait on the designated marked spots in the hallway.

safety drills


During a drill, students should be instructed to remain in their seats and remain silent instead of moving to the safe corner. All instruction and movement within the classroom must cease until the lockdown drill has been lifted


Students should exit the building and proceed to their staging area in single file lines. Staff not assigned to students at time of drill should monitor staging areas. Students should be instructed to maintain a distance of six feet to comply with physical distancing guidelines and to wear a face covering.

While younger students may be accustomed to exiting the building holding hands, for now this must be discouraged. Older students should be instructed to refrain from congregating in small groups; they should remain 6 feet apart.