In 2nd and 3rd Grade we study the great composers in the beginning of the year. We are learning about Handel, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and others. We learn about their lives and their music as we venture into the world of composing ourselves. We just started composing our own rhythmic pieces.

The Composers life and music are always fascinating to students. For example, we talk a lot about how Beethoven was able to compose music even though he was deaf. He never got to hear the famous 9th symphony, except in his head. He used to take the legs off the piano and put it on the floor so he could feel the vibrations. His 3rd symphony is all about the struggles and triumphs of mankind, with his own struggles interwoven.

We also spend a good deal of time training our ears through solfelge and singing various songs. We are learning proper singing technique and will be starting on the drum pads soon.