City of Fury

A Curriculum Exploring Systems Analysis & Design
through Robotics and Engineering

Extension Curriculum - Pilot Planned for SY 2020-2021

Unit Overview


We have integrated STEM into NGSS curriculum in order that science and math teachers can easily integrate design thinking into their teaching of science and engineering practices. The science and math teachers will focus on the core science and math concepts. We will provide the engineering practices and cross-cutting concepts.

Program deployment planned for mid-October 2019.

Essential Questions:

  • What is a system?

  • How can you improve existing systems to make them more efficient, functional, and beneficial to an impacted group or community?

  • What impact do human activities have upon their environment?

  • How can human activities improve the environment?


  • Students will be able to recognize the elements of a system and explain how they excel or they could potentially be improved.