P.S. 123Q's After School STEMA Clubs

PS 123Q has multiple STEMA clubs. STEMA stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Art. It can also be referred to as STEM and STEAM. Here at PS 123Q, there is a club for each of these subjects. They met from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM every Wednesday and Thursday in the Spring.


    • SCIENCE CLUB, facilitated by Mrs. Kahan
    • TECHNOLOGY CLUB, facilitated by Ms. Patterson
    • ENGINEERING CLUB, facilitated by Mrs. Edghill-James, Ms. Wilkinson, Ms. Williams,
    • CHESS CLUB, facilitated by Mr. Mangar
    • ART CLUB, facilitated by Mr. Lalima
    • RECORDER CLUB, facilitated by Mrs. Menzies
    • MATH CLUB, facilitated by Ms. Cotto, Ms. Harris and Mrs. Wong
    • FITNESS CLUB, facilitated by Mr. Rizzuto

This page is moderated by the Technology Club. Here you can see what the other clubs are working on!

STEMA Slideshow Live on Web

Students in the Engineering Club were challenged to create vehicle that can move using an old shoe box, CDs and rubber bands.

Science club students were asked to design a play area for our class pets, Princess and Cupcake. They used recycled materials and then tested their play areas with the guinea Pigs.

The Science Club made SLIME! The kids were so excited and each student went home with a baggie of fluffy blue slime.

The Technology Club students used the MakeyMakey kits we received last year through a Donor's Choose grant to engineer their own game controllers out of unexpected items. They were able to control characters on the computer by tapping on play-dough, coins, or even each other to complete a circuit.

We're Building Bridges. Students in the Engineering Club were challenged to design and build bridges that would withstand a load of up to 20 pounds.

In Science Club, the students were challenged to create the tallest structure out of marshmallows and toothpicks.

Of course, they also figured out a way to create marshmallow and toothpick fidget spinners, too. LOL

Science Club students were asked to construct paper airplanes that could travel the farthest distance. Students were given a variety of paper types, from cardstock to construction paper. They had a great time!

Jayden of Class 2-4 was the overall paper airplane champion.

Tech Club Scratch Final for Web

Students in the Science Club constructed roller coasters that would be able to carry a marble from the top to the bottom.

Students tested their roller coaster designs.

Check out our Mother's Day apps coded by Nicholas and Ihsaan in the Tech Club! Click and drag to draw a Mother's Day Picture.

Click to create a custom mother's day bouquet. This app was coded by Hadassah.

A dancing cupcake! Coded by Hadassah in the Tech Club

Tech club Bitsbox

Hi I am Gurdev Kaur and I am in technology club. I like playing Bitsbox. You could make your own apps or games. I had so much fun making new apps and games I can’t stop making new games. When you play the game it is really not what it looks like. It is fabulous . It is more fun to make games than to play them on Bitsbox. There are many types of games you could make on Bitsbox. I liked making Dragon City. It was so much fun even though it didn’t work. At least I had fun making it. You could even buy more codes for games. I really like Bitsbox you should try it and make new apps.

Tech Club bitsbox
Our first Science Club meeting!  Minute to win it game!

Our first Science Club meeting!

Minute to win it game!