Teacher: Mrs. Pitchersky

Mrs. Pitchersky STEAM Schedule

Monday - PK2, PK1, 420, 221, 022

Tuesday-PK2, PK1, 021, 421, 320

Wednesday-120, 320, 522, 220, 422

Thursday-PK2, 521, 121, 421, 12:1 K-2

Friday-422, 020, 520, 420, 321 12:1 3-5

Please do not wear your best clothes on days you have may get messy!

Attention all Students!

The Ecology Fair will be held at the Staten Island Mall in the J.C. Penney wing on Saturday, May 18th, 2019 from 11am to 3pm. Hope you will stop by and enjoy all of the wonderful projects! It is not too late to submit yours! The topic is all about the Fresh Kills Park and how the Staten Island Landfill is being transformed into a cleaner, greener, place! Everyone is welcome, whether they make a project or not! Come check it out!

Fun with Engineering!

Please bring in Earbuds to use in STEAM in a zip loc baggie with your name on it if you have not already.

Thanks for bringing in the earbuds! The students are loving the computer!

Kindergarten is now learning about sunlight and weather. We will be tracking the weather, using thermometers to measure temperature, and learning about the importance of sunlight.

First graders will be learning all about light and sound. They will be taking on the role of light and sound engineers for a puppet show company as they investigate cause and effect relationships to learn about the nature of light and sound. Tools such as flashlights will be used during these investigations.

Second graders are learning about the properties of materials. As glue engineers, students will be challenged to create a glue for use at their school that meets a set of design goals. They will also be learning about the properties of materials (hard, soft, smooth, rough, etc.)

4th graders are learning all about measurement. They have measured items in centimeters and are now learning how to weigh objects in grams. One focus is on the mass of objects. Please have the children measure as much as they can at home. For example, by using their meter tapes to figure out the length and height of objects. If they help out during cooking or baking, have them use measuring spoons and cups. We will be learning all about liquid measurement next.

4th graders

Continue working on your practice tests at home! The 3rd practice test will be sent home after the break. The 4th grade class with the most homeworks submitted by the end of this year will receive an ice cream party!

5th Graders are now learning about computer programming. They have been creating stories on Scratch. They have been learning how to computer code in order to create characters, dialogue, backgrounds, etc. They are doing a wonderful job!