Office Access & Scanner to Smart Phone Set-Up

Portland Office Physical Address:

IMPORTANT: Referral Checks and Commissions Checks are only processed through at the Corporate Office. Please DO NOT use the physical branch office address on Referral Agreements or have commission checks mailed to the physical office address. This could result in a 7-10 day delay of commission payment. All other personal mail can be sent to the physical office address.

650 NE Holladay St, Suite 1600 • Portland, OR 97232

Portland Office Mailing Address:


Professional Realty Services International (Corporate Office)

4407 N Division St Ste 910 • Spokane, WA 99207


  • When you're done with Conference Rooms & Workstations:

    • Please straighten up

    • Push in chairs

    • Log out of any email or programs you don't want others to use

    • This ensures that the space will be presentable for the next agent to meet their clients.

Hours of Operation

​​Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm

If you need access to the building after hours ​or on weekends​, please​ email​ ​agentservices@prsadmin.com OR by phone at 888-302-5550 Ext 7​​​ to order a KeyCard​. The cost for the ​​keycard is $50.00

Conference ​Room Scheduling​

Conference ​Rooms in this office building CANNOT be reserved through ConferenceRoom.PRSmoves.com, like most of our offices. ​To schedule a conference room in this office, please EMAIL ​agentservices@prsadmin.com OR CALL Kim Hillman at 888-302-5550 Ext 7 to schedule use of this conference room.


Scanner to Smart Phone Set-Up & Use

*Our Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner is next to the printer behind the reception desk.

To use the scanner in any of our offices, you only have to set up your phone once. The scanner is located behind the receptionist desk.


  1. When you are in our Vancouver office, go to the WI/FI setting on your phone, select "YouEarnItYouKeepIt.com" and enter the password "joinnow!".

  2. Download the "ScanSnap" app onto your phone. (the company WI/FI is needed to make it work)

  3. Once you have downloaded the ScanSnap app to your phone, open it. Select "OTHER". It will then ask you for a Password. The password will be the last 4 digits of the serial number that shows on the screen (this will be different in each office and you will be prompted for another password if you use the scanner in one of our other offices)

Using the Scanner

  1. Open the scanner top and bottom covers to activate the scanner and connect to WI/FI.

  2. Put the document(s) in the top (upside down with text facing away from you).

  3. THEN, open the ScanSnap app on your phone and press "Scan" on your phone once it lights up. The document is automatically saved as a PDF on your phone and can be emailed to you or anyone else, as needed.

  4. Close the covers on the scanner to terminate the connection with your phone so another user can use the scanner.

If you need anything or have any questions, please let us know (Click to go back to Contact Page).