Parent Role

Tutorials offered in the Providence program are designed to supplement, not replace, the home-education experience. Providence middle school and high school tutors assign and grade students' work for their tutorial and submit these grades to the parent. The parent as the home educator oversees the student's work at home and as home school administrator is responsible for assigning the student’s final grades and credits. While some aspects will vary by course, generally the tutor determines the scope, sequence, and pace of their course. The tutor teaches the subject, and the parent aids the student in learning the material. This might be in the form of flashcards, vocabulary drills, proofreading, or proctoring. Parents are encouraged to respond to the weekly communications from the tutor. Parents should also keep in contact with the administration throughout the academic term.

Taught from a Christian Perspective

Tutorials in the Providence program are taught from a Christian perspective. Tutors come from a variety of church backgrounds but agree to basic Christian doctrine. In signing the registration form, parents acknowledge that this is the perspective presented by Providence Tutorials.