Tuition: $450

Materials Fee: $20

Lab Fee: $50

Suggested Minimum Age: 10th Grade

Tutor: Mindy Flow


Meet the Tutor


3rd Period: 12:10 PM (2 hours)

This tutorial is a survey course designed to cover high school biology, including cellular structure and function, genetics, the human body, taxonomy and ecology. The tutor will provide a syllabus, one hour of lecture and one hour of a relevant lab each week, will grade lab reports and tests, and will be available by email or phone for further help. Students are responsible for participation in labs, written lab reports, bi- weekly tests that are taken at home, and pre-class preparation as well as mastery of a list of root words that will augment their abilities to understand scientific vocabulary.

The focus of the last semester is comparative anatomy, from a creationist viewpoint, during which we do many dissections including frog, pig, cow eye, sheep kidney, pregnant sheep uterus, cow heart, and more.

Suggestions for weekly homework for the student to be corrected by the home teacher will be given on the syllabus. Students will be required to turn in mandatory assignments on time.

Tuition: $450

Materials Fee: $20

Lab Fee: $40

Tutor: John Link


Meet the Tutor


2nd Period: 10:10AM (110 minutes)

Requisites: Algebra 2. (We will learn, during the tutorial, enough trigonometry to get by.)

The rigor and difficulty of this course is such that most people would consider this an AP course.

Topics to be covered:

Units and conversions

Mass and inertia




Work, Energy, Impulse, Momentum

Simple Harmonic Motion

Heat and its transfer

Light (and other electromagnetic radiation)

Waves and Sound

Electric Forces and Electricity

Magnetic Forces and Fields

Special Relativity

The Atom and Nuclear Physics

Ionizing Radiation

There will typically be 10 problems to be worked and handed in each week. Tests will be given roughly every 3 weeks, but this varies depending on the chapters covered. Tests will all be take-home.