It happens. You ride your bike. You drop it. It gets left out in the rain. A stick gets stuck in the wheel. Whatever it is, it's lost that brand new just purchased feel. It's got that annoying squeak. That frustrating grind -- an imperfection, if you will. When that happens, Providence Bicycle is the place to bring it. We'll get it un-squeaked, re-tweaked and feeling like that great machine you first fell in love with.

General Tune-up

This includes maintenance to all the major components, lubing the cables and drivetrain, checking and tightening the cockpit and pumping up the tires. All work is backed with our Double Check and 30-day Service Guarantee.

Complete Overhaul

The Complete Overhaul is our preferred tune up and goes to the moon and back to ensure tip-top performance and the ultimate durability for your investment. In addition to all labor included in the General Tune-up, the Complete Overhaul replaces all cables and brake pads while servicing the front and rear hubs, bottom bracket and headset to deliver smooth handling while reducing premature wear and tear to any cups or bearings. Once again, rest assured with our Double-Check and 30-day Service Guarantee.