Brakes and Suspension


We all look for the fastest bike possible, but you need predictable, reliable performance when it comes time to slow it down. Have no fear, we've got you covered with any and all the service you may need for your brakes.

Brakes, especially hydraulic, require yearly service including a system bleed and pad replacement. Depending on your riding style and habits, you may find once a year is not enough, especially if you're an enduro or downhill rider, or tend to build long extended descents into your road rides.

But have no fear, swing your bike through whenever the lever is beginning to feel mushy or there seems to be a significant decrease in the power curve and we'll bring you to a screeching halt again.


Complex air and oil suspension systems also require yearly service (or more often depending on the conditions). We service all major brands to keep you rolling over the rough stuff smooth and controlled. Suspension service to both the fork and rear shock ensure maintaining that consistent feel and deters pricey repairs later in your suspension's lifespan.