Vetted Prosper ISD Software

Prosper ISD Software Request for Approval Procedure

Thank you for your interest in improving PISD's software library! The Library and Instructional Technology, and Curriculum teams have created this process to help ensure that schools and departments find software (whether by purchase, grant, or donation) that works with our existing technology, and is appropriate for our curriculum. Unfortunately, software purchased or acquired without this approval can't be installed or supported by District Technology.

The Software Approval Committee will determine:

  • if our equipment meets the vendor's recommended requirements.
  • if the software will function as promised.
  • if similar software is already in use in the district.

The appropriate department(s) may also be asked to provide input in this process.


  1. Your campus Librarian and/or Instructional Technology Coach will help you complete and submit the Software Request for Approval Form available in Eduphoria.
    1. Contact the vendor or visit the website to get the most current information for completing the form.
  2. If possible, try to secure a full functioning evaluation copy of the software.
  3. If you did obtain an evaluation copy of the software, send it via intra-district mail to Patrick O’Neil at admin with a copy of your form.

The committee will evaluate your request and contact you within 10 working days upon receipt of the Software Request for Approval form and evaluation software (if applicable).

Approval Chain:

  1. Form is submitted in Eduphoria to Patrick O’Neil.
  2. Patrick O’Neil contacts campus Librarian or Instructional Technology Coach (if request is from a teacher) to answer any questions.
  3. Patrick O’Neil approves and forwards form to appropriate Network Admin.
  4. Network Admin. approves and forwards to appropriate Curriculum Designer(s) and Curriculum Director for approval to go to Alpha Test.
  5. Software is tested by Alpha Test Committee.
  6. Alpha Test Committee approves and forwards to Beta Test Committee.
  7. Software will be either rejected, rolled out, or will go to larger pilot committee that may include student users.
  8. Software will be either rejected or rolled out.

Alpha Test Committee:

  1. Instructional Technology Coaches
  2. Campus Librarian(s)
  3. Campus Tech(s)
  4. Teacher/staff member(s) requesting the software

Beta Test Committee:

  1. 2-3 teachers chosen by Librarian(s) and/or ITC(s) with varying levels of technological expertise
  2. 2-3 teachers chosen by Curriculum Designer(s) with varying levels of technological expertise