Welcome to the #ProsperInnovates website. Here you will find many resources to aid you in the process of beginning and completing a scientific investigation or engineering project to participate in the event.

#ProsperInnovates is a new endeavor for the year. In the past we have done traditional science fairs and have had some success with that format. However, we felt that the traditional science fair format was somewhat limiting. Students were generally expected to complete experimental investigations and follow a rigid set of steps in the scientific method to be competitive. We know, however, that the scientific process is not a set of steps, but instead a way of thinking and answering questions. This year we are making it so that many types of scientific investigations are possible! We are also adding the potential for students to explore and solve engineering problems as an entry for #ProsperInnovates. The overarching goal of opening up the possibilities is to inspire students to inquire, discover, investigate, and create on their terms. Originality and innovation will be greatly valued in the new format, which means that ideas for projects should come from things students are actually interested in learning more about, rather than replicating an existing experiment found online.

We hope you are as excited to embark on a scientific journey and to participate in #ProsperInnovates as we are. Please see the video below for an introduction to the event.

ProsperInnovates Intro.mp4