Now, in what is perhaps his most disheartening research, Dr. Davis has found that wild coffee, the dozens of varieties that once occurred under forest canopies on at least three continents, is at risk of vanishing forever.

Don’t worry, the best minds are on it. They are using better seeds, lighting and irrigation systems to reimagine farming. They are also using robots. And this has attracted the attention of, not to mention funding from, several high-profile humans.

Most of the crops that go into making beer will not survive extreme weather caused by global warming.

Future food production faces many challenges, but may also benefit from many technological opportunities. In this video ExplainingtheFuture reviews the future of food, and offers predictions for the food industry in 2030.

The environmental impact caused by meat consumption has given rise to a number of startups looking to supply it in a more affordable way.

And Other Small Business Tech News This Week

Ten chefs cook their vision of the future.

After the Tide pods craze, now we have Scotch pods, or "glassless cocktails" for drinkers who can't be bothered to pour.