A2Z Educational Solutions

Our Mission: The future of our civilization needs the talents and skills of all of us to solve the issues facing us. Our Mission is to provide the Educational Tools to citizens of emerging countries so they will be able to contribute to the solutions.

Educational Tools for Developing Countries

A2Z Educational Solutions provides Laptop Computers to schools in developing countries to improve the educational opportunities of the citizens. Standard Office Suite software is loaded as well as a good compliment of training software to encourage students to develop skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

The refurbished Dell laptops are complete computers in a single unit with built-in battery backup needed in locations where electrical power sometimes fails or comes from solar panels. The units are easily moved from room to room as needed and fully functional without Internet access.

Teacher Training

Training for Teachers is a major tenet of A2Z's program. As Schools are provided with computers, the teachers are given multiple days of hands-on training by Information Technology experts. The classes cover basic operation and care of the equipment and then extend to applications required by the local curriculum.

Training material is given to the teachers for self study and inclusion into classroom instruction.

The teachers are also given tips and techniques to integrate the computer into all subject teaching. They are shown how using a projected monitor image on the wall to allow the teacher to show information from the Internet or through the Rachel Server, to emphasize the content and encourage student comment on the material.

Internet Teaching Tools without Internet access

The Rachel Server is an inexpensive device capable of providing a variety of Information found on the Internet to WiFi users with little or no Internet Access.

A2Z currently provides units with 128 GB of software including Khan Academy Lite, Wikipedia for Schools, Current World Maps, 2000 TED Talks and thousands of books.

RACHEL, the Remote Area Community Hotspot for Education and Learning is a combination of freely available software and content modules that make it easy to bring online educational materials into places with limited or no internet access.