Valued customer,

After 30 years of supplying ProMow products to 17 countries, we are struggling under the weight of "post-COVID" challenges, along with the new supply chain and fuel surcharge disaster in our country.

Today, we are feeling crushed by the economic burdens imposed by fuel, supply chain issues, post-COVID restrictions, and inflation, just to name a few of the challenges. We have allowed early retirement to most of our staff and unfortunately laid off the rest. Without active inventory or staff, we will be unable to respond to your email or phone inquiries.

Thank you for all of the loyal support over these years and if there would be a change to the economic landscape, I'll let you know through this website but I wanted to be transparent with you about our challenges.

Thank you again for the years and generations of loyalty to our products.

The ProMow Team

Do you need your mower blades sharpened?

Call Cross Creek Golf Club at 260-724-4316, or Shane Cauble at 317-385-6467, or Craig Coshow at 260-701-0568 .