TradingView settings AI uses many colors to express trading opportunities. It works best in TradingView's dark color theme. The following steps show how to prepare tradingview main chart window as well as adding volume and relative strength index panes. The ProfitBee59 AI is then added to the main chart window.

Main window settings:

Sign in and go to the "Chart" section. Click on the chart section's main menu (an icon with three horizontal lines) at the upper left corner. Choose "Dark color theme".

At the right hand side of the top menu, Click on the "Chart Properties" icon.

Set symbol components.

Set status line components.

Set scale components.

Set chart appearance.

Set trading components.

Set event components.

A default main window of a stock chart with volume looks like this.

Volume pane settings:

Separate trading volume from the main window into a new pane by clicking "More" icon (with three dots).

Choose "Move To", "New Pane Below".

Set volume properties by clicking "More" icon and choose "Settings".

Set volume moving average length to 13 and draw the line in yellow.

Relative Strength Index pane settings:

Add a new indicator by clicking "fx" in the top menu.

Choose a built-in function "Relative Strength Index".

Click on a settings icon.

Change RSI length to 13.

Adjust the heights of Vol and RSI panes to use less screen area. This TradingView chart is now ready for adding AI.

Adding AI:

In the top menu, click on the "fx" icon.

Wait a few seconds and click on "Invite-only scripts". Choose ProfitBee59 v6.0 and click "X" to go back to the chart.

This picture shows a stock chart prepared by ProfitBee59 AI with default settings. The line pointed by a arrow at the top left corner shows AI properties. Click on this line and choose a gear icon to reconfigure the settings.

Date and price range settings:

Set the lines inside the box as transparent. Draw no border. Set the background to white with 25% opacity. Set label background to blue with 90% opacity.

This picture shows a date and price range box used to show trading gain.