ProfitBee59 AI settings for forex tradings

After TradingView settings, AI can be added in the following steps .

Adding AI:

In the top menu, click on the "fx" icon. Wait a few seconds and click on "Invite-only scripts". Choose ProfitBee59 v6.0 and click "X" to go back to the chart. AI settings:

Click on the setting icon in the menu to change AI properties for each kind of trading.

How to trade forex with AI:

A forex chart prepared by AI can be used in many ways. Each trader may feel comfortable and prefer differently with each method. The followings show the settings and some trading example ideas.

Forex 1h, One arrow, fast EMA5, slow EMA21, Mom and baby bell.

This chart shows price bars of 1 hour each. The dark background areas start at 7 am, 12 pm and 7 pm. Prices tend to move a lot during these hours. In trading, wait for a stop loss hunting to occur, then evaluate trading direction of the market makers and enter a position along with them.