English Essentials

9th & 10th

Mrs. Innes

“The future holds new worlds to explore,new promises to fulfill,new dreams to dream!

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Welcome to English Essentials 9th & 10th grade!

Note: Content on this web page spans a 2 year curriculum

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9th & 10th grade English Essentials

Mrs. Innes

Room: 303

E-mail: loinne@profile.k12.nh.us

Phone: 823-7411 (Mrs. Innes: ext. 238)


Students will learn how to use Standard English grammar, usage, mechanics and spelling and will continue a study of spelling and vocabulary. Units consist of: writing, grammar, vocabulary, literature-film and poetry. In addition, students will learn skills and techniques for the writing process, reading strategies, organizational skills, and collaborative projects to ensure success throughout high school and beyond.


  • Students will demonstrate the writing process.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to analyze and critique written or spoken arguments and write arguments that support claims with reasoning and sufficient evidence.
  • Students will write informative/explanatory pieces to convey information and ideas accurately and clearly.
  • Students will write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events.
  • Students will be able to apply Standard English rules to communicate effectively.
  • Students will apply and acquire vocabulary through speaking, listening, reading, writing, and the use of vocabulary strategies.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to speak, listen and view effectively for a variety of purposes.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to read, comprehend, analyze, and critique a variety of increasingly complex literary texts.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to read, comprehend, analyze, and critique a variety of increasingly complex informational texts


20 % Formative

  • Included: class work, practice, reflections
  • Students may be graded using a check system:
    • √ + = A
    • √ = B
    • √- = C
    • √ -- = NYC
    • 0 = NYC

80% Summative

  • Major assignments including essays account for 80% of the overall grade.

NOTE: Students must pass a course with a 70%.


You must:

  • Bring your computer, and a pen/pencil every day.

  • Have a reading material for every class.

  • Bring a positive attitude!


  1. You may listen to music at appropriate times.
  2. You may NOT use cell phones during class. Keep them away and out of sight.


I expect you to act like a high school student. I also expect you to take responsibility for your actions. Please do so with dignity. Depending on the issue, the appropriate consequence will follow. Some cases may be penalized with a detention or parent conference.


Word of the week – you will have 20-25 words of the week for the year. This is a routine process we will complete in class. You are responsible for keeping up with this process, and even if you do not finish the work in class, it will be expected that you complete it by the next class meeting date.

Reading Log document – you will track your reading throughout the year, and will be give the opportunity to read once a week in class.

Warm up document – you will share a document called “warm ups” with me. You will post your response to a writing prompt and other class work may be completed in this document.

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